A Tale of Two Homeowners

At the core of every insurance policy is what is referred to as the “policyholder.” On your policies, this simply refers to the named insured—you. Still, even with your name on the policy, something deeply personal may be missing. Correct coverage! When purchasing insurance, it’s important to give insurance agents accurate information so they can provide accurate options!


To illustrate just how unique a person’s needs can be, here’s a short, fictional scenario of two very similar—yet different—homeowners:


Let’s imagine two people, one named Dale and the other named Jill. Their homes were adjacent to each other on the homely Parkway St. Both had their own families, served in the local community, and shared great taste in lawn décor. Their lives and homes appeared extremely alike. In fact, both had homes of similar value, similar yard sizes, and they both shared a large tree that sat neatly in-between their properties.


In a shocking surprise, a powerful storm passed through the area, causing the tree to collapse onto both of their properties! Thankfully, no one was hurt. But both properties were certainly damaged. When the two called up their insurance agents, Dale and Jill ended up being quite different after all. Not because of differences in their homes, nor because of differences in the damage that storm caused. Dale and Jill were different because their past insurance decisions, preferences and needs were surprisingly unique!


Different Preferences

Dale had always wanted to save far more on his policy, so he opted for higher deductibles. Jill, on the other hand, decided upon a lower deductible. Her policy may have costed her more then, but it is certainly saving her more now!


Different Needs

During a discussion with her insurance agent, Jill was keen on protecting her property and made sure to schedule her family’s jewelry so that the necessary coverage was there when it needed to be replaced. Dale didn’t have any similar discussions. He was focused on saving premium. So, when Dale’s wife’s earrings went missing after the house damage, he was out of luck.


Fortunately, this story was fictional. Still, you may have faced a similar scenario or know someone who has. Being under-insured can be dangerously common. Without understanding the coverages, it can be easy to simply opt for the cheapest insurance policy and miss out on the coverage options that best accommodate you.


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Note: The examples and descriptions used throughout this article are for general information purposes only, not legal advice. All scenarios presented are fictional, any similarity is merely coincidental. Coverage is not guaranteed, rather they are subject to the decision of insurance underwriters and other authorities. Policy/coverage availability and limits can vary based on person, location, and other variables. Please consult your insurance agent and review your insurance policies to understand your existing coverage and/or potential coverage options. Read our disclaimer.


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