Home Protection Is Only Half The Picture

Whether you’re an empty nester, newlywed, or you’re seeking a new home for retirement – everyone can agree, insuring your property is crucial! However, amongst the busy insurance search and buying process, it can be easy to only base your final insurance purchase decision on the lowest offered price. In doing so, you may be overlooking other important aspects, such as coverage, and claim service.


Comparing Apples to Oranges

As you shop for insurance quotes it is difficult to compare the different policies as company coverage limits and offerings vary. Thankfully, independent insurance agencies – such as Jeff Munns Agency – are here to make this easier for you! We research options with multiple reputable insurance carriers to help you find insurance options.


Don’t Forget Your Other Insurance Needs

Without being careful, you may forget your other insurance needs – like protecting your vehicles, life, or even business. Because multi-policy discounts result in the most competitive overall insurance package, consider requesting package insurance quotes for both your home and auto insurance policies!


Does the Value Hold Up?

Perhaps you’ve purchased your insurance already and are happy with how the policies are but find something equally important as coverage and price missing… the service. In your search for the right home and auto insurance and the right insurance agency, remember to consider service! At Jeff Munns Agency, we recognize you as a person – not a number. We are headquartered in Lincoln, NE and have been here for over 30 years. We quote insurance to find options with value, coverage, and service in mind!


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