Insuring Those You Care For – An Act of Love?

It’s February already and we all know this means a popular day for couples is coming up: Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you and your loved one aren’t big on the idea. That’s OK! Many buck the trend and forgo the commercialized products and just spend their time being with each other—no gifts or special occasions required. Whether you are spending the night out together or simply staying in, do whatever works for you!


If you do participate in the gift-giving holiday of love, what would you say about providing long-term stability and peace of mind for your partner? You probably guessed what we are talking about (we are professionals in the area after all): Insurance! Show your love to those you care for with insurance. You probably think we’re a little crazy for suggesting it. In some ways, you may be right. It is a thoughtful gift, but one that may not net you many (if any) thanks. However, insurance can be considered an act of love! Here’s how:


Reason #1: Secure Their Future

Life insurance can be a valuable investment for ensuring your loved one has a future with financial security. In the case of your absence, income may not be the only financial burden: Funeral costs, business loans, and other potentially heavy costs could fall upon your loved one. Even without these responsibilities, a life insurance policy can still be of great value. Has your loved one thought about returning to school in hopes to shift careers and follow their dreams? A whole life insurance policy may build cash values for such cases. In any scenario, it is always worth your time to meet with a professional insurance agent about life insurance options – for you and your loved one.

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Reason #2: Help Them Worry Less

There can be a lot to worry about these days, especially for couples. With or without kids, chores must be done, dinner made, and plans scheduled (or re-scheduled). In the hustle-and-bustle of daily living, imagine if something happened to your loved one’s jewelry. Now, let’s take it a step further: That jewelry was never seen again. Without insurance, you would either need to purchase the jewelry again or simply forget about it! Homeowners insurance policies typically have options for scheduling jewelry and other expensive items. Any Valentine’s Day jewelry for your love? Talk with your agent about scheduling their new property!

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Bonus Reason: More Time Together

With your loved one’s financial future planned and their precious property covered – this only leaves you time to get back to what’s important: Spending time with your family!


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Note: The examples and descriptions used throughout this article are for general information purposes only, not legal advice. Coverage of losses are not guaranteed, rather they are subject to the decision of insurance underwriters and other potential authorities. Coverage availability and limits can vary based on person, location, and other variables. Please consult with your insurance agent and review your insurance policies to understand your existing and/or potential coverage options. Read our disclaimer.


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