Safety in the Season of Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Are you excited? For many it’s a time for being thankful, getting together with family and friends, and sharing a hearty meal. Others may look forward to the inevitable shopping sales and the forthcoming Christmas celebrations. Regardless of what gets you pumped up for the holiday, the Jeff Munns Agency team would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


Ensuring a Safe Thanksgiving takes effort! Here are some potential dangers to watch out for and easy steps that can be taken to hopefully avoid them:


  • All the cooking that takes place can serve as a fire risk. Be sure to test your smoke alarms and always keep the oven closed. Don’t forget to closely watch the food when cooking.


  • While the weather may be nice with fall in swing, there is always the chance weather takes a turn for the cold with snow and ice making an appearance. For your guests, this can mean slippery sidewalks and paths leading up to your door. Remember to properly salt or sand your walking areas when necessary!


  • Speaking of guests, if family and friends are visiting, it can inevitably become a challenge to keep track of safety. Keep children away from the hot foods and store knives and other potentially dangerous utensils out of their reach.


  • Big sales and lots of shoppers can mean one thing: busy and potentially dangerous driving situations. Be sure to get some much-needed sleep and drive safe if you decide to head out!


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