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Why Buy Life Insurance?

It’s not uncommon for people across many different age groups to ask the question, “Why buy Life insurance?”.   You may be single or married, with children or an empty nester. In any situation, Life insurance provides protection and peace of mind. How does it...

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Home Insurance: Wait, It Doesn’t Cover That?

Ah, the joys of home ownership. A place you can call your own, decorated and fitted to you and your family’s needs. To top it all off, you may even have a great insurance bundle, covering both your home and cars. Talk about peace of mind! “Hold on,” your insurance...

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Breaking Down Car Insurance

It happens. A wrong turn, an icy road, a blind spot. They’re called accidents for a reason. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons to purchase car insurance coverage (you may be surprised to learn it’s not the only reason). Accidents have the potential to cause a lot...

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Staying Warm This Fall: Bonfires, BBQs & Burn Barrels

The brisk yet refreshing temperatures, the crackling from the fires, and smiles shining ear-to-ear. We’re talking about Fall, of course. It’s here and it’s a great time for outside activities – especially before winter hits! Grilling, burn barrels, and bonfires light...

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Home Protection Is Only Half The Picture

Whether you’re an empty nester, newlywed, or you’re seeking a new home for retirement – everyone can agree, insuring your property is crucial! However, amongst the busy insurance search and buying process, it can be easy to only base your final insurance purchase...

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It’s Back to School – Are You Prepared?

Whether one's attending their first class or they're enrolled in a university graduate program, back to school is in the air. Here are some tips for all types of drivers:   Young Drivers If a youthful driver is just getting started with a school permit or they...

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Prepare for Summer Fun on Your ATV & Boat

As the warm weather rolls in, many of us will be making plans to roll out on an adventure on the trail or in the water.  Before we set out, there are some basic preparations to consider: Has your recreational vehicle or boat been serviced for the season? Nothing ends...

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