Preparing for a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving

Safety information provided by Auto-Owners Insurance.

The busy holiday season is just around the corner, with Thanksgiving kicking off next week. While Thanksgiving may be a time of great joy as the family gathers together for good times and delicious food, it can also be a time of great risk. Without the right precautions, cooking hazards and home damage can occur.


Here at Jeff Munns Agency, we hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! To help you accomplish this, we’ve compiled a short list of helpful tips:


  • Check your smoke alarms and consider replacing their batteries before you start cooking.
  • Keep children away from stoves, knives, and hot foods and liquids.
  • Stay inside and watch the food when cooking.
  • Flames in the oven? Keep the oven doors closed!
  • Watch your chimney! 30% of house fires are caused by chimney fires.


In the case of any accidental damage, please refer with your local insurance agent for any potential policy coverage.


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