Prepare for Summer Fun on Your ATV & Boat

As the warm weather rolls in, many of us will be making plans to roll out on an adventure on the trail or in the water.  Before we set out, there are some basic preparations to consider:

a man in his boat, holding a fishing rod

Has your recreational vehicle or boat been serviced for the season?

Nothing ends a great adventure faster than a mechanical breakdown, especially in a remote area of a lake or trail. A little prevention pays big dividends in fun and adventure!


Where will we be going?

At this point you’ll need to consider access to the area and any restrictions imposed upon your use of the lake or trail.  If you’re riding on private property, make sure you obtain permission first.


Now you need to assess your insurance plan.

Is your ATV or boat insured with physical damage, liability protection and medical payments?  Do you have breakdown coverage?

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